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Two Weeks to Live (1943)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Two Weeks to Live (1943)

Mistaken Diagnosis

Country bumpkins Lum and Abner receive news that they have inherited an old railroad from a deceased Uncle and come up with a brain wave of selling shares in it to the locals to raise $10,000 to build a spur to bring it to the town. But when they head to the city to sort out their inheritance they not only discover it is worthless but Abner has an accident and a mix up at the doctors which leads to Lum and Abner thinking he only has two weeks to live. With $10,000 to repay the pair come up with some stunts to raise the cash.

Simple comedy done well, you can't beat it to put a smile on your face which is what "Two Weeks to Live" does. Take for example a scene where Abner visits the doctor and of course the doctor takes out his little hammer to test Abner's reflexes by tapping his left knee only for his right one to kick. It is such a simple gag but it works because of Norris Goff's comic timing as Abner Peabody which in itself is amusing, a perfectly funny name which makes you smile. And there are a lot more of these simple jokes from a woman mistaking Abner for a hotel employee and asking him to call her a taxi to Lum asking the posh hotel clerk to see the landlady.

As such whilst "Two Weeks to Live" features a stereotypical storyline built on confusion and mix ups it is all about the little set piece jokes and slapstick including the old paint pot falling on to someone. I suppose technically the story could have been stronger with more focus on Abner and the two weeks to live but there is so much simple comedy and slapstick that you don't mind the narrative weakness.

What this all boils down to is that "Two Weeks to Live" is some nostalgic fun full of simple innocent fun which is strangely refreshing when watch now because it is all so inoffensive and simply fun.