Turbo (2013) Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Michael Pea, Samuel L. Jackson Movie Review

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Turbo (2013)

Running With Shell

Whilst Theo works the tomato patch with the other snails, including his brother Chet, he would rather be known as Turbo and appearing in the Indianapolis 500 as this small snail idolizes car racing and its no. 1 star Guy Gagné. But when Turbo falls into the engine of a car running on Nitrous Oxide he mutates as he gains powers including speed. When Turbo ends up in the ownership of a Taco van owner and his brother they may be able to help him fulfil his dreams.

Are snails cute and comical? Not in my book, these are those little critters which leave a trail of slime where ever they go and somehow they seem to go everywhere. Not only that the crunch of their shells when you accidentally tread on one is a horrible sound. So whilst I like the fact with "Turbo" we have an animation with an unusual focus the fact that the focus is a snail was a mistake for me, one of a few to be honest.

But the biggest mistake when it comes to "Turbo" is that despite giving us unusual in snails they then give us a lot of usual from a central character who has a dream to the doubters who would like to put him and his dreams down. It is such a frequently used set up that whilst you have the original specifics to the story such as Michael Peña and Luis Guzmán voicing a couple of Taco selling brothers is entertaining you can guess the journey which Turbo will go through the minute he ends up going through a car engine and becoming infused with Nitrous Oxide like some sort of comic book super hero. It isn't so much that it makes "Turbo" a bad movie just one which feels like it is rehashing themes covered by other animations.

What this all boils down to is that "Turbo" probably works for it intended audience ad has plenty of fun scenes with characters that have quirky voices and mannerisms. But it offers up little in a way of entertainment for grown ups who find themselves stuck watching this with a child.