Truth Be Told (2011) Candace Cameron Bure, David James Elliott, Ronny Cox, Antonia DeNardo Movie Review

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Candace Cameron Bure in Truth Be Told (2011)

Fake Family

Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure) has made a career for herself handing out honest advice to others, especially married couples which is ironic as she is single. But a moment of confusion sees her being invited up to the ranch of media mogul Terrance Bishop (Ronny Cox) with her family, a family which happens to be her old college friend Mark (David James Elliott), a widow, and his children. Despite believing honesty is the best policy Annie and Mark decide to be a fake family as it will help them both when it comes to business negotiations with Terrance but also causes a lot of problems especially for Mark's daughter who can see how close Annie and Mark are becoming.

I wonder when an actor such as David James Elliott is handed a script for a family friendly TV movie he thinks to himself I wonder how many kids the widow I am likely to be playing has. That is the first of many stereotypical things in "Truth be Told" as Elliott is a widow of two but just as equally we have the old high school/ college connection between the love interests as Annie and Mark knew each other from way back when she mentored him. And just as stereotypical is the fact that Mark's children, especially his daughter, struggle with the idea that maybe their father is falling in love with another woman.

David James Elliott in Truth Be Told (2011)

Anyway I could go on mentioning everything which is stereotypical and cliche in "Truth Be Told" because there is plenty more and truth be told it doesn't offer up much which is different to anything you will find in a ton of other made for TV movies. But what "Truth Be Told" has is Candace Cameron Bure and David James Elliott two of the most likeable and warm actors to have graced the world of the TV movie and it is very much the warmth they bring to their characters which make them likeable and this watchable even if it doesn't always manage to keep your attention due to its stereotypical nature.

What this all boils down to is that "Truth Be Told" is as stereotypical a made for TV movie you will find with little if nothing in the way of surprise when it comes to the storyline. But for those who enjoy the easy going nature of Candace Cameron Bure and the TV movies she now appears in this should entertain.