Trust (2009) starring Jamie Luner, Nels Lennarson, Brendan Beiser, Steven Cree Molison, Barbara Tyson, Rob Daly, Karen Holness, Jessica Harmon directed by Allan Harmon Movie Review

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Jamie Luner in Trust (2009)

Trust Me it's Average

You're in a happy marriage and out of the blue you get a note saying that your husband is cheating on you, what do you do? This is the set up to made for TV thriller "Trust" where Sandra out of the blue receives such a note and depending on your feelings what she does will either instantly make "Trust" fail or make it continue on what is an average journey. What she does is initially believe that her husband wouldn't cheat on her but with the seed of doubt implanted in her mind starts looking for evidence of infidelity and hires a detective. Yet the irony of this is that "Trust" is not just about whether Sandra's husband is cheating on her as there is an element of business trust thrown in to the mix as well.

Matthew (Nels Lennarson) may be under pressure at work but his wife Sandra (Jamie Luner - The Perfect Marriage) would never suspect that he may be cheating on her. That is until out of the blue she receives a note saying that Matthew is cheating on her. Initially disbelieving, Sandra slowly she becomes increasingly paranoid and starts looking for proof of his infidelity to the point of hiring a private investigator.

Steven Cree Molison and Barbara Tyson in Trust (2009)

Now whether you believe Sandra would just try and carry on having received the note or hysterically confront Matthew there is no hiding from the fact that "Trust" is really a by the book made for TV thriller. For the first half we get all the possibilities, we meet Sandra's former partner who has a thing for her, then there is Bill Matthew's business partner who also has a thing for Sandra, there is even one of Sandra's own friends who seems bitter towards all men. So we have all these suspects who could have sent Sandra the note and of course the suspicious activities which Matthew gets up to. And as we learn that suspicious activity which Matthew is up to is in fact to do with a dodgy business deal.

So in text book style having given us so many possibilities the second part of "Trust" is the narrowing down to just one, keeping us guessing as long as possible to who that one may be. To be honest whilst it tries to throw in a twist it is actually very obvious who the person is behind the notes, emails and phone calls to Sandra. And unfortunately whilst all the threads of the story draw together for the ending not only do we get something over the top but then it is followed by something extremely cliche. I won't elaborate but about 20 minutes before the end you can second guess everything which follows.

As such "Trust" is really just a very average TV movie which is partially entertaining thanks to a couple of performances. Jamie Luner as Sandra does have this strange mix going on of being strong yet vulnerable, almost opposite to what you expect from a woman who suspects her husband of cheating on her. And then there is Steven Cree Molison who plays Private Investigator Moon, a character who almost seems so over the top he could have come out of a reality show. Moon is almost a comical character, something which should be wrong, but yet his less than brilliant undercover operations and his general moaning ends up adding some nice amusement.

What this all boils down to is that "Trust" is to be frank little more than a routine TV movie, the sort of thriller which get shown quite regularly and are little more than a mild diversion from what you are supposed to be doing.