Trinity Goodheart (2011) Eric Benét, Erica Gluck, James Hong, Jennifer Van Horn Movie Review

Trinity Goodheart (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Erica Gluck and James Hong in Trinity Goodheart (2011)

A Goodheart Touched by an Angel

When 12-year-old Trinity Goodheart (Erica Gluck) receives a visit from an angel in the middle of the night, she finds herself with a pendant which belonged to her mother. Whilst her father Jeremy (Eric Benét) is reluctant to talk about her mum or his family it isn't going to stop Trinity. After tracking down her father's father and having a great time with him she realises that it is her own father who doesn't want to have anything to do with his family over something which happened many years earlier. And then after tracking down her mum's parents she discovers her maternal grandfather disapproves of Jeremy and his family, leaving her tired and heartbroken. But Trinity is convinced the pendant is not only a sign for her to reunite the family and teaching them some important lessons about love, forgiveness, people and judging them but also a message to find her mum in Boston.

There is a scene in "Trinity Goodheart" where Trinity's paternal grandmother has met up with her and had lunch in a diner near where Trinity lives. When they leave and her grandmother is rude about a man busking Trinity basically tears her a new one for judging people without getting to know them. Okay so tearing her a new one maybe a bit too much but this 12 year old leaves her grandmother speechless by giving her the cold hard truth that these people don't wish to live the way they do.

Eric Benét in Trinity Goodheart (2011)

Now I could go on describing other scenes because "Trinity Goodheart" is one of those movies which through the actions and clear eyes of a child changes take place. I won't go in to many specifics but this is one of those movies which feature an uplifting tone where old wounds are healed, eyes are opened to what they are missing out on and it is all down to a little girl called Trinity, a modern day Pollyanna. Okay so there is more to "Trinity Goodheart" than that there is some drama involving an angel in there as well but for the most it is a movie about opening people's eyes to the way they act.

What is very clear is that Erica Gluck is a fantastic young actress, there is a bit too much drama school to her performance at times but the enthusiasm she delivers is infectious and that carries the movie. Gluck also has amazing chemistry with James Hong who really gets to show off his comic side as the business owner where Trinity hangs out all the time.

What this all boils down to is that "Trinity Goodheart" is a little charmer of a movie with an uplifting tone and innocence which makes it perfect as family entertainment. And at its heart is Erica Gluck who delivers a charming performance which makes you smile because of her good-hearted innocence.