Torpedo Zone (1955) (aka: Submarine Attack) starring Lois Maxwell, Renato Baldini, Carlo Bellini, Aldo Bufi Landi, Earl Cameron, David Carbonari, Ludovico Ceriana directed by Duilio Coletti Movie Review

Torpedo Zone (1955)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Earl Cameron and Lois Maxwell in Torpedo Zone (1955) (aka: Submarine Attack)

The Saving Sub

With war going on it is the Submarine Commandanti's (Renato Baldini) job to destroy the enemy merchant ships he spots but as a humanitarian it is a side of war he struggles with. He tries to make up for it by scouring the wreckage for survivors, rescuing them and taking them to the safety of a neutral port. It is how he ends up with a group of English sailors including Lt. Lily Donald (Lois Maxwell) aboard the already cramped holding area. It means that when the submarine destroys a Danish ship there is no room for the survivors below and they have to travel on the submarine's deck hoping that it doesn't have to dive causing the Commandanti another issue to challenge his humanitarian ways.

Well that took me by surprise as "Torpedo Zone" or "Submarine Attack" was not just another stereotypical submarine where one gets in danger below the waves. Nope instead we have this more original drama about a submarine commander doing his duty but then as a humanitarian trying to rescue those from the merchant ships he destroys. Suggested to be based on actual events and made as a tribute to the Italians who served aboard submarines during WWII "Torpedo Zone" does end up a pleasant surprise and one which features Lois Maxwell who all Bond fans will know as Miss Moneypenny.

Now the originality of the storyline is impressive and in truth it is what keeps you involved especially once the submarine also has 24 Danish sailors on its deck bringing an extra edge of tension to things. But I would be lying if I said that beyond the storyline is was good and sadly "Torpedo Zone" suffers from workmanlike direction, a mismatch of characters and just okay acting. Yes it has its moments with some tense scenes but these only stand out as the rest of the movie is only ordinary.

What this all boils down to is that "Torpedo Zone" is certainly not what you expect from a submarine movie with its anti-war storyline. But unfortunately whilst a much better production than you normally would get from 1950s Italian war cinema it still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of production and for everything which is good about it it still only ends up ordinary at best.