Too Young to Marry (2007) Nina Dobrev, Dillon Casey, Polly Draper, Frank Schorpion, Trevor Blumas, Anna Hopkins, Jodie Resther Movie Review

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Nina Dobrev and Dillon Casey in Too Young to Marry (2007)

Young Love

Max (Dillon Casey - A Perfect Christmas) and Jessica (Nina Dobrev - My Daughter's Secret) might only be in high school but they are very much in love, with Max sneaking into Jessica's room to spend nights with her whilst her mum is oblivious to what is going on. But just being in love is not enough for them and despite being young they decide to get married, which doesn't go down well with Jessica's divorced parents or Max's. But whilst Jessica gets in to Harvard as planned Max doesn't but decides to go with her and find work in construction for a year till he can apply again. But being young, married and at college certainly is no walk in the park especially as with Max working and Jessica studying they don't spend as much time together as they would like. It leads to jealousy rearing its ugly head when Max feels that Jessica is spending more time with a male student who makes a play for her.

Young love, will it last? Going from my own personal experience young love doesn't last although it is the one you always wonder about. But that is the million dollar question in "Too Young to Marry" as we watch Max and Jessica discover that high school love is different to when they get married and head to college. As such we see when they head to Harvard they start to make new friends and are not together all the time like they would like. It is all pretty obvious stuff especially when long term plans are changed and Jessica gets her head turned by another student who flirts with her. But at the same time many of the issues raised in "Too Young to Marry" are believable especially when they find themselves ending up growing apart with different interests, priorities and friends.

Here though is the issue with "Too Young to Marry" as whilst it is realistic in the way real life can encroach on relationships causing people to grow apart it doesn't get you invested in the characters enough early on to make you really care. It is a case that both Nina Dobrev and Dillon Casey certainly have a visual appeal but I never bought in to them as love's young dream. It sadly weakens the movie when we start to see them dealing with growing apart and realising that they don't know even some of the basic stuff a couple should know.

What this all boils down to is that "Too Young to Marry" certainly covers the subject of young love and a young couple growing apart when the real world and time apart causes issues for them. But beyond the appeal of Nina Dobrev and Dillon Casey and the pleasant nature of the characters it doesn't grab you that their young love is as strong as they thought.