To Find My Son (1980) starring Richard Thomas, Molly Cheek, Julie Cobb, Steve Kanaly, Allyn Ann McLerie, Justin Dana, Arthur Rosenberg, Ronald G. Joseph directed by Delbert Mann Movie Review

To Find My Son (1980)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Richard Thomas in To Find My Son (1980)

John Boy Wants a Tommy Boy

Having headed to Chicago to make it in the city David Benjamin (Richard Thomas - Battle Beyond the Stars) realises after just a week that city life isn't for him and so returns to his girlfriend Julie (Molly Cheek). Whilst back home he finds himself drawn to a children's home he drives past and having counselled at a summer camp decides to volunteer as a helper. It is there that he meets Tommy (Justin Dana), an eight year old with a few problems and decides he wants to adopt him a decision which leads Benjamin to have to take on authorities as well as his own family who see a single man as not acceptable as a father.

Are you a fan of sentimental movies where someone takes on the system for the greater good of a child? If the answer is yes then "To Find My Son" despite its age will be a movie you will want to watch. Yes at times it is dated, dated is what you expect from a TV movie made in 1980, but the simple feel good storyline of a young man trying to give a young boy with problems a home is enough to make "To Find My Son" watchable especially as it is also a TV movie inspired by a true story.

Justin Dana in To Find My Son (1980)

Now in a way "To Find My Son" writes itself as we watch how after Tommy tricked Benjamin into diving in to the pool on his first day volunteering at the children's home Benjamin took a deep interest in the young child who he learns has difficulty saying words. What follows is the sweet drama as Benjamin and Tommy bond with Benjamin helping Tommy with his words whilst discovering that he has an undiagnosed hearing condition which he finds himself having to fight Tommy's corner for to get him help.

But we also see how Benjamin after deciding he wants Tommy to be his son faces plenty of issues from a girlfriend who feels ignored, parents who are unsupportive to a system who thinks a single twenty something man would not make a good parent. All of which is entertaining but now a little familiar as there have been a few movies since which cover similar themes of someone taking on the system for the sake of a child. And as I mentioned this is now a very dated movie which at times is cheesy and at others is a little too simplistic.

What this all boils down to is that "To Find My Son" is an enjoyable movie for those who enjoy sentimental and uplifting movies. Yes it is dated but dig beneath the early 80s look and there is a touching drama with Richard Thomas working well with the fun Justin Dana.