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Katheryn Winnick as Nina Patterson in Tipping Point (2007)

Over the Edge

I'm not entirely sure whether "Tipping Point" was a good movie, taking into account we are talking a TV movie, or whether the attractiveness of Katheryn Winnick distracted me from what was wrong with the movie. Which ever the reason I found myself watching right to the end, enjoying what I watched and whilst to be honest this movie which sees a young woman made to think her schizophrenia is out of control again is a bit predictable it is enjoyable. In fact whilst it is full of contrivances at least with a main character who is a schizophrenic it does try to get across the stigma of having the condition.

Nina Patterson (Katheryn Winnick) is a woman who hears voices in her head but 4 years after trying to kill herself she has control of those voices and works as an MRI assistant at the hospital where her Uncle Bill (Karl Pruner) is a highly respected neurosurgeon. She has even found herself with an understanding boyfriend Jimmy (Nicolas Wright) who has invented a website called Zinger which allows you to cross reference anything. But then a patient whom Nina dealt with dies of a brain tumour things start to spiral out of control as she is sure his scan came back clear and now those nearest to her suspect she is losing control again.

Katheryn Winnick and Nicolas Wright in Tipping Point (2007)

Throughout the course of movie history the concept of a person being made to think they are going crazy has often come up but I have never seen one where the person made to think they are losing it already has a diagnosed mental issues. It is an interesting twist to have Nina as a schizophrenic which could have opened up a whole chest of new ideas to make "Tipping Point" feel fresh. Unfortunately it doesn't and so we watch as Nina starts hearing voices and barking dogs in her head whilst others lead her to question what she thinks with the only one being really supportive is Jimmy.

The trouble with this is that the cause of the relapse is to do with a murder yet the murder itself is uninteresting with the focus being on Nina's state of mind and dealing with her condition. And because so much of it feels cliche it lacks that something special to make it really stand out despite giving the original set up of a schizophrenic made to think they are relapsing. What is good though is that whilst a lot of this is typical it does get across the stigma which Nina feels, that she feels no one will believe her because of condition and she also believes romance is a no no because who could love a schizophrenic who tried to kill themselves. It may not be totally realistic when it comes to this side of things, heck there is plenty which is questionable about "Tipping Point" but at least it tries to get across this side of things.

Now here is the thing Katheryn Winnick is seriously attractive to the point of being distracting and as such often you find yourself just watching her rather than paying attention to what is happening. Having said that Winnick does a good job of playing Nina, a character which typically is not the best written but at least Winnick brings out her fears and declining emotional state. Nicolas Wright also does a good job of playing Jimmy, the understanding boyfriend because he brings real energy to the movie an almost craziness which works well with actual story although you do have to contain the laughter over his website called Zinger.

What this all boils down to is that "Tipping Point" is basically another movie where a woman is made to thing she is going crazy with the USP of the woman already being diagnosed as a schizophrenic. It is a typical TV movie which has its problems but is well paced and benefits from Katheryn Winnick not only doing a good job in her role but also being distractingly beautiful.