Time Under Fire (1997) Jeff Fahey, Richard Tyson, Jack Coleman, Bryan Cranston, Linda Hoffman Movie Review

Time Under Fire (1997)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jeff Fahey in Time Under Fire (1997)

The Fahey Stikes Back

Commander Alan Deakins' and the men aboard his submarine are navigating the waters around the notorious Bermuda Triangle when they seem to hit something. But what has actually happened is that the submarine has slipped through a time rift and they find themselves in an alternate Unities states run by a dictator. After making his way back to his own dimension Alan finds himself being treated like he was insane but also after many years finds himself being broken out of the facility to join a team to go back through the time rift. On the other side Deakins joins forces with the rebels to bring down the dictator.

Act tough, look tough and lets hope the audience is either too young too drunk to notice that this movie stinks. I wonder whether those were the words that the directors of "Time Under Fire" gave to their actors when they showed up to make this movie. Unfortunately the end result is one of the most tedious action movies from the 90s I have watched which is filled with cliche, including a gratuitous sex scene which serves no purpose what so ever other than titillate the audience with a few minutes of female nudity.

Richard Tyson in Time Under Fire (1997)

The thing is that whilst "Time Under Fire" has been clearly made with a firm grip on the purse strings it doesn't feel cheap when it comes to look. But what it does do is to resort to a lot of mindless dialogue to try and fill time which is a big part of why it ends up so tedious. And when it comes to the action, costumes and effects well having watched a few other action movies from this time it almost feels like this one has been picking from the leftovers as well as the stock footage when it comes to submarines. The worst thing is that the storyline just doesn't have enough to it to make up for the deficiencies elsewhere and adds to the movie's not only tedious nature but also routine nature.

Okay I said routine that is until "Time Under Fire" delivers a series of ridiculously bad plot developments when it comes to the future. I won't divulge what these developments are but they make it feel like it is evolving in to a spoof movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Time Under Fire" ends up just another dumb action movie from the late 90s, the sort which maybe if you watched late one night after stumbling home from the pub might entertain. But when watched sober there is nothing to make this movie either memorable or entertaining.