Time of Death (2013) Kathleen Robertson, Gianpaolo Venuta, Sarah Power, Link Baker, Daniel Fathers, Dean Armstrong, Christian Campbell Movie Review

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Kathleen Robertson in Time of Death (2013)

The Time is Right

When a top CEO is murdered FBI agent Jordan Price (Kathleen Robertson - The Terrorist Next Door) is assigned the case and finds herself saddled with Elliot Larken (Gianpaolo Venuta - Second Chances), an inexperienced young detective , who Jordan is not initially impressed to be saddled with. But then another executive is murdered and they discover both were killed at exactly the same time, 10:44pm, it leads Jordan to open a cold case which might provide the missing link to what is going on and help her solve the case before another executive shows up dead.

When I looked online into what director Frédéric D'Amours had done before I expected to find something along the lines of "NCIS" or "CSI" because what he gives us in "Time of Death" is a similar style. That means hand held shaky camera, shots taken from over the shoulder of a character where the head half obscures the shot and when we have the two main characters talking the camera pings all over the place. Unfortunately whilst some might enjoy this styling it has never been my sort of thing as the constant shifting of the camera ends up disorientating.

Gianpaolo Venuta in Time of Death (2013)

Never the less this styling certainly makes "Time of Death" feel more current and gives it a look. Look is an important part of the movie and Kathleen Robertson, with her flawless complexion and hair pulled back, grabs your attention, yes she spends much of the movie looking like she has a bad smell under her nose but she is attractive. I guess there is something appealing about Gianpaolo Venuta as well which means when I tell you this thriller also has a romantic angle you shouldn't be too shocked. No it isn't a convincing romantic angle although is an amusing one as the agent and detective end up sleeping together.

Now yes there is a storyline as well with these murders and a cold case which is kind of okay but it isn't the most riveting. In truth the storyline comes down the pecking order behind the look but it is a storyline which is on par with most TV movies. Yes we are talking TV movie with "Time of Death" and whilst we don't get inundated with cliches we do get plot holes and quick fixes so that the storyline can play out in the confines of 90 minutes. Oh and yes there is a twist which livens it up a bit but sadly it isn't a spectacular twist.

What this all boils down to is that "Time of Dead" is a nice looking, moderately entertaining made for TV thriller. But it is typical of the TV movie genre and is very much a movie whose look is its strong point be it the attractiveness of Kathleen Robinson or the camera work, even if shaky cam is not your thing.