Time Lock (1957) Robert Beatty, Lee Patterson, Betty McDowall, Vincent Winter, Robert Ayres, Alan Gifford, Larry Cross, Sean Connery Movie Review

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Time Lock (1957) Sean Connery

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As Colin Walker (Lee Patterson - Dry Rot) and his manager are about to lock the bank vault for the weekend they are distracted by the noise of a car accident in the street outside. Returning to the safe to lock it they haven't spotted that Colin's young son has sneaked in the vault and as they spin the lock he ends up sealed in, unable to get out as a time lock is set. When they realise what has happed the police bring in a crew to try and cut through the thick steel door as the race is on to find Pete Dawson (Robert Beatty - The Square Ring), an expert in bank vault construction to try and find a way in side, especially as at best there is only 10 hours worth of air inside the sealed vault.

Sean Connery with an acetylene torch trying to cut through the steel door to the bank vault. That is one of the things most people will likely remember from watching "Time Lock" yet this old movie ends up lot more than being about the supporting performance of Sean Connery as a workman as there is this surprisingly engaging drama. I say surprisingly for the simple reason that "Time Lock" doesn't have a fancy production, the acting is only solid at best and at times the way the characters react or how scenes conclude is a little too neat.

But what "Time Lock" has is a sense of urgent despair as first we have the desperate search for Pete Dawson as he is their only hope and then we have the desperate race against time to break through a vault wall which is lined with bars. It gets to the point where things start to come towards a close that you find yourself on the edge of your seat, especially as we are aware of some thing in the safe that those trying to get in to are not. It is daft really because the neatness of the movie makes you pretty sure that there will be a happy ever after ending yet you are there sucked in to this unfolding drama.

What this all boils down to is that "Time Lock" is a simply a decent race against the clock style drama with an increasing sense of tension which does a great job of drawing you in as the movie gets closer and closer to the big finale.