Thunder River Feud (1942) Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Elmer, Jan Wiley Movie Review

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Thunder River Feud (1942)

Needing an Alibi Following Dusty Crash

Crash Corrigan (Ray Corrigan) and Dusty King (John 'Dusty' King) finds themselves bickering when Crash wins the belt at a rodeo competition. But it also leads to confusion when a reporter takes Dusty's picture mistaking him for Crash and that leads to more competition between the two of them as they co after the same woman with Dusty pretending to be the rough and ready Crash whilst Crash pretends to be an educated writer to try and win her affections. But when outlaws starting causing trouble Crash, Dusty and friend Alibi (Max Terhune) set about working together to clear them off.

I've only watched a few Range Buster movies but I quickly learned that these movies were made with two sides. Whilst there was always the typical western side which would see the friends defeating the bad guys whilst one of them always ended up involved with a pretty woman there was the comedy side of things. In "Thunder River Feud" it starts off with some bickering between the friends and rivals which in turns leads to some confusion comedy as they both end up trying to pick up the same woman. The fun of this really comes on Crash trying to make out he is an educated dude, a book writer just to try and attract a woman who has been to finishing school in England.

The thing is that like with so many of these war time westerns "Thunder River Feud" probably did entertain young children on a Saturday morning at the picture house but now are a much of a much-ness. As such whilst I am sure fans of the Range Busters who have watched more of those movies than I have might find this one better or worse than the others for the average western fan it has no distinguishing features.

What this all boils down to is that "Thunder River Feud" is fun but also nothing special and for many it is just a typical war time western which once entertained young children.