Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992) Marg Helgenberger, Richard Dean Anderson, David Marshall Grant, Tippi Hedren, Joe Pantoliano Movie Review

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Marg Helgenberger in Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992)

Horror in the Walls

Laurie Fisher (Marg Helgenberger - Death Dreams) walks out on her husband, Jerry (Joe Pantoliano - Midnight Run), after she accuses him of having an affair, although things are complicated as they work in the same office. Also making things complicated is when Laurie ends up being charmed by Ray Bellano (Richard Dean Anderson - Beyond Betrayal), a hunky builder, who has been working around the office and who offers to do the work on the apartment she has moved in to. But when having decided to call time on their relationship Laurie discovers that Ray is an obsessive kind of guy who isn't going to go away in a hurry, or is it someone or something else?

Yes folks I am delving back into the 90s box of TV movies and wondering how many actresses found themselves falling for an obsessed man who doesn't like it when they are dumped. That is partly what we have going on in "Through the Eyes of a Killer" as Marg Helgenberger finds herself getting hot and horny with handyman Richard Dean Anderson only to discover his psycho side when she decides he isn't the guy for her. In fairness this movie has a multiple psycho element as we also have Joe Pantoliano as the husband who also won't allow his wife to leave without a struggle as well as another character who seems questionable. Trouble is dangerous affair movies where the men turn out be obsessed psychos are a dime a dozen and when it comes to this side of "Through the Eyes of a Killer" there is little which will surprise you.

Richard Dean Anderson in Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992)

But what I will say is that whilst "Through the Eyes of a Killer" serves up plenty of flesh when it comes to Marg Helgenberger and Richard Dean Anderson what it also has is this wonderful apartment with an all seeing eye window which adds more than touch of mystery to things. But even then there is still something missing from this TV movie to make it truly stand out from the crowd. In the end this movie benefits most from it starring Marg Helgenberger and Richard Dean Anderson and a few other familiar faces which makes you wonder who could be behind all the strangeness going on in Laurie's life.

What this all boils down to is that "Through the Eyes of a Killer" is not a bad movie, it certainly delivers plenty of 90s TV movie thrills and drama, including some of the semi-erotic kind. But for me this is one of those movies which is all too familiar and so in the end it struggles to fully command your attention.