Three Weeks, Three Kids (2011) Anna Chlumsky, Warren Christie, Chelah Horsdal, Tiera Skovbye, Sydney Stamler, Jakob Davies, William deVry, Susan Hogan, Kevin McNulty, Garry Chalk Movie Review

Three Weeks, Three Kids (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Three Weeks, Three Kids (2011)

Aunt Jennifer

Jennifer Mills (Anna Chlumsky - 12 Men of Christmas) is 25, dating yet happy that her boyfriend is in no hurry to settle down as she likes life without responsibility even if her mum, Kathryn (Susan Hogan), thinks her daughter has a commitment phobia. But Jennifer finds herself dumped with some responsibility when her sister and husband head off on a second honeymoon and she is left looking after their children for a few days until Kathryn can take over. Now cool aunt Jennifer finds she needs to be responsible aunt Jennifer when she discovers parenthood is harder than she thought especially when a few days turns in to three weeks. But whilst trying to be a stand in parent Jennifer also finds herself getting some help from Will (Warren Christie - Ties That Bind), the handsome guy who lives just across the street from her sister.

I was hoping when I watched "Three Weeks, Three Kids" I would be able to use the tie in of Anna Chlumsky having starred in "My Girl" opposite Macaulay Culkin who prior to making that movie appeared in "Uncle Buck" which this reminded me of. Truth be told "Three Weeks, Three Kids" is more like "Raising Helen" but without the dead parents as we watch Anna Chlumsky as Jennifer learning that being a parent is not simple but not a terrible thing either. Oh and of course with "Three Weeks, Three Kids" being a Hallmark channel movie there just has to be some romance tossed in to the mix as well.

Now for those who watch Hallmark movies, due to their easy to watch nature, should enjoy "Three Weeks, Three Kids", it is familiar yet fun and of course expectedly pleasant. But for those who watch wanting more will most likely find themselves still wanting more by the time it is over. It comes down to everything going on in the movie just being okay. Take Anna Chlumsky as Jennifer, she is likeable with a slight touch of the kooky about her but neither her character nor Chlumsky's performance is memorable. And as for Warren Christie as Will, the handsome guy next door, well he turns on the nice guy charm but the character is ordinary and the sort of thing which Christie has done a few times before.

What this all boils down to is that "Three Weeks, Three Kids" is routine stuff which is uncomplicated fun if that is all you are looking for but lacks something for those seeking more than just familiar.