Three Way (2004) Dominic Purcell, Joy Bryant, Ali Larter, Desmond Harrington Movie Review

Three Way (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Three Way (2004) Dominic Purcell

No Way

After his wife leaves him, after one last sex session, for another man and in a range finds them dead in bed mid sex, Lew (Dominic Purcell) flees the scene, finding a sleepy town where he works as a gas station whilst having hot sex in the shower with his realtor girlfriend Rita (Joy Bryant). It is one night that Lew overhears a young couple not only having sex in a car but plotting to kidnap a woman to hold her for ransom. It is then that Lew comes up with a plan to not just save the day but profit from it except someone connected to his past shows up.

I mentioned sex a couple of times in that synopsis, not because people search for sex scenes on line but because the only thing "Three Way" has going for it are the sex scenes and the nudity which often goes hand in hand with it. The thing is that these sex scenes are not that good anyway and as is often the case you see an actress in the cast list yet of course she is never the one who gets her kit off leaving you frustrated, maybe in more ways than one. As such "Three Way" really only has one bullet in its gun and it is a blank.

Ignoring the sex scenes and what you have left is this not very interesting drama about dead bodies and a kidnapping which of course has to have a twist. But I suppose because it has to have a twist you are far too alert, looking for it and it is a pretty obvious one at that which you spot as soon as it is suggested. That just leaves the acting which is only ever adequate at best and sometimes just plainly awful. But then those actors involved in the sex scenes look good with their kit off which I have a feeling was high up on the list of importance.

What this all boils down to is that "Three Way" did next to nothing for me and certainly didn't entice me in with a decent story or entertaining characters. But I guess there will be those who seek this out, probably horny teenagers who heard it has sex scenes.