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The Wrong Son (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Olivia d'Abo in The Wrong Son (2018) (aka: Her Son's Deadly Secret)


It has been 10 years since that day at the beach when Sarah (Olivia d'Abo) and her husband, Jake (Sebastian Prandoni ), were left devastated when they lost one of their sons. Matt, presumed having drowned whilst playing in the water. Since then Jake has died in a car accident and their other son, Ian (Dan Amboyer), has got married to Rachel (Paloma Guzmán ) leaving Sarah all alone in the family home. But then out of the blue Matt mysteriously reappears, saying that he doesn't know exactly what happened other than a man found him on a beach. Although initially sceptical Sarah lets Matt stay as she wants Ian to meet him. But when Ian is injured in an accident spookily similar to the one which caused the death of Jake suspicion begins to mount on whether Matt is exactly who he says he is.

So of course "The Wrong Son" is all about whether this guy called Matt is really the missing son or is this young mad up to no good, the way he looks at Sarah's cleavage when she leans over in her nightdress certainly makes you wonder. But that is not the only mystery as on the day that young Matt disappeared there was this woman on the beach watching Sarah and Jake from a distance. For movie fans you can also add the fact Tammy Blanchard plays the part of Sarah's personal assistant. So there is certainly some mystery going on in "The Wrong Son" and it delivers a reveal here and there which makes you question what is going on.

But here is the thing about "The Wrong Son", it reveals one thing about a third of the way through which for fans of these movies will cause them to put two and two together and work out what is going on as well as motives. The other thing is that this is a movie which is slow paced and whilst it regularly creates atmosphere and drops little reveals it some times feels like it needs an injection of adrenalin to lift it in those frequent slow moments.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Son" certainly has some good stuff going on with a decent storyline and some good revelations and web of intrigue. But the movie often feels like it just needed an injection of adrenalin to give it a boost, especially when it comes to the ending.