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Freya Tingley in The Wrong Nanny (2017)

Super Bad Nanny

Stella Armstrong (Lindsay Hartley - Romance at Reindeer Lodge) has found herself with her hands full as not only has she young twins to deal with but she also has to deal with putting on a charity fund-raiser event which annoys Meredith (Bree Williamson - Love You to Death) who likes to boss all her friends around and have her way. It is why being over committed that she hires Blake (Freya Tingley), a seemingly perfect nanny who not only appears to have the gift with her boys but is a Godsend around the house. Whilst there is some thing about Blake which seems familiar to Stella she can't quite work out what it is. What she doesn't know is that Blake is the child she put up for adoption many years ago when she couldn't cope and she has tracked down her mother to get revenge for being abandoned.

Claws out and sharpened is what springs to mind about "The Wrong Nanny" another made for TV movie which uses a staple storyline of a psycho nanny and it isn't even a spoiler for me to say that Blake is Stella's daughter she gave up for adoption and is after revenge as it is that obvious. As such there is a big side to this TV movie which is heavily cliche and like in every single bad nanny movie you might have come across we watch Blake scowl, act nasty to anyone who annoys her, threatens some and as this is the 21st century she uses hidden surveillance equipment to make things easier.

It is because "The Wrong Nanny" ends up so cliche that I am sure those involved decided to have some over the top fun with it. As such we have Freya Tingley delivering evil in the most over the top of ways whilst Lindsay Hartley as Stella over delivers every scene where she has to be either super harassed or super caring. And on top of that there is Bree Williamson delivering super catty as Meredith who likes to have her way and boss her friends around. They are not the only ones who over play various scenes and it gets so over the top at times it becomes enjoyable in a bit of a bad move way.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Nanny" is just another psycho nanny storyline with a twist which isn't a twist as it is both obvious and cliched. But due to some over the top performances there is some thing strangely enjoyable about this TV movie, almost to the point of it being entertaining in a bad movie way.