The Wrong Mother (2017) Vanessa Marcil, Brooke Nevin, Stephen Snedden, Elizabeth Bond, Arden Richardson, Cooper Dodson, Caryn West, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Angelle Brooks Movie Review

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Brooke Nevin in The Wrong Mother (2017)

She's No Home Help

When Kaylene (Vanessa Marcil - The Convenient Groom) is involved in a hit and run whilst out cycling her husband, Drew (Stephen Snedden - Megachurch Murder), is grateful that beyond concussion, broken bones and bruises she is otherwise okay. But with a broken leg and arm there is no way Kaylene can look after herself when she comes home from hospital let alone their twin children and so they are grateful when Vanessa (Brooke Nevin - Hometown Hero) offers to be their home help, not only making sure that Kaylene rests and takes her medicine but also help take care of the children. But slowly Kaylene becomes convinced they have let an extremely dangerous stranger in to their home who picked them on purpose.

I am going to say spoiler alert for the simple reason being that synopsis for "The Wrong Mother" is quite generic in that it could be used for half a dozen or more other made for TV movies with just the names changed. So, if you don't want to know what happens in "The Wrong Mother", well you could always browse this website and look at some other movie reviews or recommend the site to your friends, it would be appreciated.

So here are the details to "The Wrong Mother" which are spoilers. Kaylene and Drew had their twins via IVF and Vanessa is not only no nurse but she is the woman's whose eggs were used and now she not only wants her children but also Kaylene's handsome husband. With that said what you get in "The Wrong Mother" is really just the norm and so we see how the scheming Vanessa operates behind the scenes from getting rid of anyone who threatens to reveal what she is up to, to getting rid of a beloved pet so that she can replace it and seem like a hero to the children. And just as typically we see how Kaylene finds herself realising Vanessa is dangerous and having to battle to protect her family. It would be a lie if I said that "The Wrong Mother" is not entirely cliche as I don't think there is anything in this movie which isn't cliche.

But for fans of these made for TV movies "The Wrong Mother" is still watch-able as many of the others are with a nice cast delivering their characters in, well thankfully not an awkward manner which certainly helps. And much of what makes "The Wrong Mother" watch-able is that Brooke Nevin does a nice job of bringing out Vanessa's spiteful side with that mix of those classic evil stares and her character's controlling nature.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Mother" is just a routine made for TV thriller, in fact change the names and the motive and what you get could have come from dozens of other made for TV movies. But for those who are fond of this type of movie this has that easy to watch nature.