The Wrong Child (2016) Vivica A. Fox, Gary Daniels, Tracy Nelson, Stevanna Jackson, Robbie Davidson, Johnny Whitaker Movie Review

The Wrong Child (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Vivica A. Fox in The Wrong Child (2016)

Wrong on Many Levels

Renee (Vivica A. Fox - The Wrong Student) and Charles (Gary Daniels - Santa's Summer House) are happily married with Renee's daughter, Amy (Stevanna Jackson), living with them. And with Charles having a successful career whist Renee coming from money they are pretty comfortable. But things take a strange turn when an older teen by the name of Andrew (Robbie Davidson) shows up at their door claiming to be Charles' son from a one night stand he had when he was working in Florida a long time ago, before he met Renee. Whilst Renee and Amy welcome Andrew in to their home Charles is a lot more sceptical and doubts whether he truly is his son. And maybe Charles' sceptical nature is right when Andrew turns out to be not who he says he is, the question is what does he want with Renee and Charles.

Right away let me tell you that "The Wrong Child" is one of those movies which shows most of its hand right from the word go with flashback scenes of some trauma followed by scenes of Andrew spying on Renee and Amy. As such when he shows up at their home claiming to be Charles' illegitimate son you already know he is not what he seems and of course is someone who is probably seeking out some sort of revenge over some long held emotional issues. The only real question is whether it is Charles or Renee who Andrew has some grudge against although considering Renee is the lead character it would be easy to suspect that maybe Andrew has a grudge against her or her wealthy family.

What it means is that there isn't much in the way to surprise you in "The Wrong Child", even when the twist comes it isn't a huge shock. In fact what is likely going to surprise you most is how weak the whole movie ends up. I genuinely wonder whether everyone involved in "The Wrong Child" had a meeting prior to production started and just agreed to get through this as quickly as they could. I say that because the dialogue is basic, the acting is in places horrendous, the camera work is static and basically it just feels like everyone was doing the minimum required to get this made.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Child" is extremely weak for all sorts of reasons from a storyline which is routine to acting which is frequently poor. In truth I can't give you a single reason why you should watch this as there isn't one thing, one scene, or one line of dialogue which stood out for the right reasons.