The Wrong Babysitter (2017) Daphne Zuniga, Britt Irvin, Matt Bellefleur, Lisa Marie Caruk, Jade Falcon, Seann Gallagher, Ava Hughes Movie Review

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Lochlyn Munro and Daphne Zuniga in The Wrong Babysitter (2017)

A Mother's Intuition

It's been over a year since Susan's (Daphne Zuniga - Abducted Love) husband, a detective, was killed whilst investigating a child kidnapping, and with her daughter, Christy (Ava Hughes), is starting to get things back to some sort of normality, she's even started dating Chad (Seann Gallagher - When Angels Come to Town), an attorney. But a visit from det. John Morris (Lochlyn Munro - The Mechanics of Love), a friend of her late husband's, leads to concerns as there has not only been a new kidnapping in the area but she finds some files belonging to her late husband, hidden behind a framed poster, which have details about the case he was working on. When Susan and Chad have to go out of town for a couple of days their neighbour, Teri (Lisa Marie Caruk - She Made Them Do It), offers to keep an eye on Christy for her. But when Christy goes missing Susan rushes home and finds herself having to deal with what her husband was working on when he died in order to try and save her daughter.

"The Wrong Babysitter" is one of those made for TV movies which reveal things relatively early on, as in who the kidnappers are and who they are connected to. As such you question where this is going to go and will there be some big twist which reveals a further connection when it comes to one of the characters. The thing is that for the sort of person who would intentionally watch "The Wrong Babysitter", a clue dropping title if there ever was one, should guess that Susan will feel like she needs to take matters in to her own hands and that means she tries to put some very slim clues together to find and rescue her daughter, who is a smart cookie and leaves a trail for her mum to follow.

Now I like Daphne Zuniga, in fact I like Britt Irvin as well, but Daphne as Susan delivering those longing looks out of a window as she worries for her missing daughter sadly ends up a bit heavy handed. But Daphne Zuniga is not the only one and those in this who are bad guys, especially the women, end up delivering stressed and catty in an over the top manner, so when one of them acts sinister it sticks out like a sore thumb. It isn't really the actors fault as this is typical for this sort of TV movie, and just as typical is Lochlyn Munro who shows up in the role of a detective, I guess Brian Krause was busy playing a detective in another TV movie production.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wrong Babysitter" is nothing special and is comparable to a lot of made for TV thrillers. But for fans of this sort of easy to watch entertainment it will be an okay distraction.