The Work Wife (2018) Cerina Vincent, Elisabeth Harnois, Kevin Sizemore, Preeti Desai, Lester Purry, Jay Pickett, Blaise Brooks, Anthony Turk Movie Review

The Work Wife (2018)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Elizabeth Harnois and Kevin Sizemore in The Work Wife (2018)

A Less than Perfect Assistant

Sean (Kevin Sizemore - A Christmas Tree Miracle) and Lisa Miller (Elizabeth Harnois) have been through a rough patch, Lisa suffered a miscarriage whilst Sean was made unemployed. But things seem to be turning around for them as not only is Lisa looking to return to work but Sean has got his dream job as a senior copywriter for a top advertising firm. Not only that but he also has his own personal assistant in junior copywriter, Jen (Cerina Vincent), a shapely woman who flutters her eyelashes at him as soon as she meets him, even jokingly calling herself his "work wife". But it soon becomes clear that Jen is ambitious and soon has her claws into Sean with a plan to destroy his marriage.

Two things combined can make a movie groan-worthy, in the case of "The Work Wife" that is the familiar combined with the unsubtle. As such what we get is watching Jen flirt with Sean, flaunting her figure, coming on to him whilst all the time scheming to drive a wedge between him and his wife. But all of this is done in the most unsubtle of ways and so everything which Jen does is over the top whilst Sean comes across as awkward and clumsy, which either may come down to a lack of character writing or Kevin Sizemore being uncomfortable in the role.

Kevin Sizemore and Cerina Vincent in The Work Wife (2018)

But I will say one thing, and I don't know whether this down to my familiarity with made for TV movies or the movie's writing, but once the pieces were in place I had a question. That question is what is Jen's motive, does she really fancy Sean, is she a money grabber or maybe there is something else going on at the company Sean is working for. I won't tell you what Jen's motive is but in truth it is simply that question rather than how "The Work Wife" plays out or the acting which makes you keep watching.

What this all boils down to is that sadly "The Work Wife" didn't do a great deal for me because that mix of familiarity and being unsubtle makes this often a struggle to really get into.