The Wedding Pact (2014) Haylie Duff, Leslie Easterbrook, Angie Everhart, Alison Becker Movie Review

The Wedding Pact (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Haylie Duff in The Wedding Pact (2014)

A Bit Duff

On the first day of college Mitch (Chris Soldevilla) met and fell for Elizabeth (Haylie Duff - Til Death Do Us Part) and whilst nothing happened they became best friends, in fact by graduation Elizabeth suggests that in 10 years if neither of them are married they should get together and do the wedding thing. Well ten years pass and whilst having dated Mitch is still single whilst he heard that Elizabeth got married. That is until an old college friend shows up for his birthday and tells Mitch that Elizabeth never got married. Now like a love struck teen, or is that obsessed stalker, Mitch is going to track Elizabeth down so that they can keep their wedding pact. But will it be that easy?

Picture the scene, you have an amusing romantic comedy script which has a mishap strewn road trip element plus some love triangle comedy and you have raised a semi decent amount of cash to make the movie. So you start casting and suddenly you find yourself with a few familiar names such as Haylie Duff, Leslie Easterbrook, Angie Everhart and Eddie Jemison but in doing so you find that money has run out to do things such as hone the script, get a director with a flare for romantic comedies and a few other things which are missing. Yes "The Wedding Pact" has some famous names but to be blunt other than a seed of an idea it comes up short.

Now in truth that seed of an idea is nothing new as the whole friends promising they will get married if they haven't found someone to settle down with in so many years is quite routine. But it has potential to deliver a comedy of errors from Mitch having a mishap filled journey as he tries to find Elizabeth to the chaos of discovering that she is about to be married. The trouble is that pretty much every one of the jokes falls incredibly flat and when we meet the guy who Elizabeth is due to marry he is so annoying that that you only have one option but to champion that Mitch will win the girl and the other guy made to appear ridiculously shallow and worthless.

What this all boils down to is that "The Wedding Pact" is many things; not that funny, predictable and frankly weak. And that means that whilst it has some actors whose name may draw you in to watch the chances are you going to end up disappointed once it is over.