The Waiting Game (2001) starring Chris Potter, Chandra West, Paula Abdul, Art Hindle directed by Vic Sarin Movie Review

The Waiting Game (2001)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Chris Potter in The Waiting Game (2001)

Potter Heads West

Sarah (Chandra West), her boyfriend Matt Jonathan Crombie) and Sarah's friend Amy (Paula Abdul) run a gallery and all is good except when ever Sarah's Uncle Lowell (Art Hindle) shows up Matt gets jealous. On Lowell's most recent visit he tells Sarah that a box of artefacts from Mexico will be arriving at the gallery. But things become strange as not only are the artefacts a lot of junk but the mysterious Adrian (Chris Potter) is discovered by Sarah in Lowell's home where he says he is fixing the computer. What Sarah doesn't know is that her beloved Uncle is not the diplomat she thinks he is but it actually a CIA agent who is in danger whilst Adrian use to work for him. When Sarah starts to fall for Adrian things get even more complicated.

Instead of using the word "complicated" to finish that synopsis I could have used the word "convoluted" because "The Waiting Game" is a seriously convoluted movie. Now in fairness many a movie involving characters who are not only CIA agents but in danger are convoluted and trying to make sense of the detail is part of what keeps you watching this one.

Chandra West in The Waiting Game (2001)

The other reasons why you keep on watching "The Waiting Game" is a general sense of familiarity as right from the start you know that Matt and his dislike of Lowell makes him not suitable for Sarah whilst when she meets the handsome Adrian there will be sparks of romance. Plus of course there will be some danger for Sarah when she realises what her Uncle Lowell and Adrian really are.

Now "The Waiting Game" is also a Harlequin movie and that means it also needs to have actors with a certain look and Chandra West and Chris Potter have that look which makes them idea for this sort of movie. In scenes where they are together they look believable as a hot couple and whilst it borders on the cheesy the flirtations between them work in the context of what sort of movie this is. Elsewhere we have Art Hindle who has that look of a kindly Uncle whilst there is also the fun of Paula Abdul in a supporting part. The acting and the characters are only typical of this type of movie but in being typical they work.

What this all boils down to is that "The Waiting Game" is an okay movie which delivers what you expect from a Harlequin movie. Yes it is convoluted and the characters are stereotypical but in delivering what people expect it works.