The Utah Trail (1938) starring Tex Ritter, White Flash , Horace Murphy, 'Snub' Pollard, Pamela Blake, Karl Hackett, Charles King directed by Albert Herman Movie Review

The Utah Trail (1938)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Tex Ritter in The Utah Trail (1938)

Tex is The Train Man

When Tex (Tex Ritter) hears an old friend and railroad owner is being plagued by a ghost train he along with his sidekicks Ananias (Horace Murphy) and Pee Wee ('Snub' Pollard) along with Tex's horse (White Flash) arrive by train to help out. But their arrival is too late as Tex's friend is dead but with his friend's daughter Sally (Pamela Blake) still needing help Tex quickly believes the troubles with the ghost train are a group of out outlaws and he sets about trying to infiltrate them making out he is the Pecos Kid whilst trying to charm Sally at the same time with his singing.

"The Utah Trail" is another one of those old b-movie westerns from the 1930's whose appeal now is to those with an interest in old western movies and seeing as many as possible. Watched as a form of entertainment it comes up incredibly short with that routine feel about it which dominated so many early westerns and a style which is easily open to being mocked.

As such "The Utah Trail" doesn't take a lot of explaining as Tex goes about uncovering what is going on with a little help from his friends who on seeing a speeding train with no lights are scared. You know what happens, there is some shooting, there is some trickery, there is some singing as this is a Tex Ritter western, of course there is a romantic angle to this as what early western would be without a young woman for the hero to end up with and of course there is some skulduggery but none of it is any better than you will have seen in any other western of the era. In fact the delivery of the dialogue with huge gaps between every sentence is worse than ever in "The Utah Trail".

What this all boils down to is that "The Utah Trail" will once again only be of interest for those with either an interest in old westerns or just on a mad mission to watch as many as possible. There is nothing really wrong with it when comparing it to other westerns of the time but it does suffer more from the gappy delivery of dialogue as we get pregnant pauses between every line.