The Unfolding (2016) Robert Daws, Nick Julian, Lisa Kerr, Kitty McGeever Movie Review

The Unfolding (2016)   1/51/51/51/51/5

The Unfolding (2016)

So Few Folds, So Much Hard Work

Whilst the world is on the verge of a nuclear war a young researcher and his girlfriend travel through the mist of Dartmoor to reach an old building reportedly rife with paranormal activity. Whilst initially they find nothing out of the ordinary eventually strange things start to happen and they end up calling in the experts. It is then they find themselves not only in a fight to survive but also unlocking some secrets of the past.

If I come across a movie which really didn't work for me I try to find something positive to start a review with. When it comes to "The Unfolding" the best I can come up with is that it features the late Kitty McGeever, some will remember her from Emmerdale. Beyond that I am struggling because what "The Unfolding" seems to be trying to be is a point of view haunted house movie where what we see comes only from the researcher's recording equipment and that means scene after scene of low quality images.

That alone was enough to put me off but add on to that is lashings of tedium as the whole movie could have been condensed in to half its time but instead is painfully drawn out to the point that it becomes a chore to watch. Of course some might say that director Eugene McGing was not only trying to create atmosphere but be more naturalistic, especially when it comes to the characters and the uninteresting stuff they say to each other, but for me it goes too far and works against drawing the audience in. Of course it is clear this is a movie on a budget but even then it feels lower budget than maybe it needed to be.

What this boils down to is that maybe those who enjoy point of view/ found footage style horror movies will see potential in "The Unfolding" but for me it was a tedious attempt at a horror movie which failed to draw me in.