The Ultimate Legacy (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Myko Olivier and Logan Bartholomew in The Ultimate Legacy (2015)

The Gift Never Ends

When Miss Sally May Anderson (Raquel Welch) passes away she leaves Anderson House and everything to her only heir, her grandson Joey (Myko Olivier) and everything is a lot. But with her lawyer Mr. Theodore Hamilton (Bill Cobbs) they come up with a plan to make sure Joey understand the responsibilities which have befallen him. Hamilton calls in his team Jason Stevens (Logan Bartholomew), Miss Hastings (Lee Meriwether), Angelica (Kim Baptiste) and Kelly (Katie McClellan) to work on making Joey appreciate what is being handed to him through a series of gifts as he has to live at Anderson House for a year.

When I sat down to watch "The Ultimate Legacy" I wasn't aware it was the third movie in a series or that I had already seen the first movie "The Ultimate Gift". In fairness with Jason being played by Logan Bartholomew rather than Drew Fuller who played him in the first movie it is not too unsurprising. Now having not seen the second movie I can't tell how well this third movie follows on but can say it captures a similar feel to the first movie.

As such on one hand we have the character of Joey having to complete a series of gifts as he whilst it is clear he has a good art but also an attitude and an apparent almost hatred for his family legacy and no care for what Anderson house achieved. So we see him build a garden, be kind to others and so on whilst appearing resistant to dealing with the past including the death of his father after shooting himself. But on top of this familiar side there is also the connection to Jason with Joey wondering why his grandmother chose to have complete a series of gifts just as Jason did and wondered if their was some sort of connection between their grand parents.

So far so good and on top of that "The Ultimate Legacy" features a good cast in particular Myko Olivier who brings the conflict of a young man dealing with an anger and hurt to the role. But unfortunately there are times when "The Ultimate Legacy" gets it wrong by pushing the positive messages it wants to get across too far and ends up venturing into the realms of becoming cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that "The Ultimate Legacy" is still a good, heart warming movie which will make you feel good about the world. But sadly there are times it oversteps the mark and pushes its positive message to far into coming across as cheesy.