The Ugly Truth (2009) starring Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Bree Turner, Eric Winter, Nick Searcy, Jesse D. Goins, Cheryl Hines, John Michael Higgins directed by Robert Luketic Movie Review

The Ugly Truth (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Gerard Butler as Mike in The Ugly Truth (2009)

When Abby Met Mike it Got Ugly

The ugly truth is that "The Ugly Truth" is just another highly predictable, unimaginative rom-com which uses the same romantic idea of two opposites falling in love that far too many other rom-coms use. It is predictable and whilst you have Gerard Butler playing a misogynistic troglodyte to Katherine Heigl's uptight career woman you know that these two will end up together despite Butler's character helping Heigl's to date a dishy doctor. But "The Ugly Truth" has something going for it and that is an element of risque, comical conversations surrounding cocks, blow jobs, vibrators and bikini babes gello wrestling litter the movie making those moments of risque funnier than the normal pap which fills many a romantic comedy.

Abby (Katherine Heigl - 27 Dresses) finds her worst nightmare come true when her boss insists that they find a spot for chauvinist Mike (Gerard Butler - Nim's Island) on the morning show she produces. She can't stand Mike's sexist ways and his non scripted walkabouts live on air. But she discovers that despite being a sexist pig he knows what he is talking about when he gives her advice on dating when she meets a handsome doctor and all his advice works with some unexpected results.

Katherine Heigl as Abby in The Ugly Truth (2009)

So from a storyline point of view you could say that "The Ugly truth" is really no different from the likes of "The Wedding Date" and "My Best Friend's Wedding" to name but two because what it boils down to is the bloke realising he is in love with a woman after a less than promising meeting. As such whilst we get the funny side of things with Abby thinking Mike is a sexist pig and totally disliking him you know that they will become friends as he uses his knowledge of what men want to help her trap Doctor Colin. And as such you know at some point Mike will realise he is falling in love with her and Abby likewise with him. It is such a predictable story that for all the embellishments be it that Abby produces a TV show or Mike is a father figure to his nephew end up not even being distractions.

And to be honest the casting of Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl also feels quite ordinary, he's handsome, she's pretty makes for an ideal pairing. In fact the supporting casting is actually more entertaining than Butler and Heigl with John Michael Higgins and Cheryl Hines doing a nice job of playing married TV presenters who are always sniping at each other.

But the thing about "The Ugly Truth" is that it is a little risque when it comes to the banter. Now we have Mike being a chauvinist, saying it as it is when he says all that men are interested in is tits and arse. And whilst Abby may be a stiff to start with she embraces the transformation under Mike's guidance. It is this side of things, the vibrating knickers which Abby ends up in, the brutal honesty and innuendo which makes it funny. And yes Heigl's orgasm scene at the dinner table is funny although not quite as good as Meg Ryan's in "When Harry Met Sally".

What this all boils down to is that on one hand "The Ugly Truth" is a run of the mill rom-com trading on a standard run of the mill rom-com idea and creating a not so original romantic fairytale. But with a risque side and the brutal honesty of the Mike character is makes it fun and a romantic comedy which men will probably enjoy just as much as women.