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Louis Mandylor and Brigid Brannagh in The Twin (2017)

Evil Side

Not only does Ashley (Brigid Brannagh) find herself surprised with the gift of a beautiful rose bush from new neighbour Jake Allen (Louis Mandylor) but her daughter Jocelyn (Jess Gabor) also shows up for her birthday. But the real surprise is that Jocelyn has shown up with Tyler (Timothy Granaderos) a boyfriend who she plans to got to Japan with. Whilst Tyler doesn't mind talking about the accident which killed both his parents a year ago what he hasn't told Jocelyn is that he has an identical twin brother who is in a mental institution as he is responsible for the crash. But when Tyler goes to visit his brother Derek manages to know him out and switch places with him.

"The Twin" starts off quite ropey with a crash scene which is clearly done on a budget and comes across as painfully false. This is not the only issue which comes up early on as one minute Ashley is bemused by Jake showing up with a rose for her birthday having never been introduced is suddenly having dinner with them. Basically this is another one of those TV movies where there are issues with it skimming on the detail and as such some of it is incredibly unbelievable.

But look past the detail issue and "The Twin" is surprisingly good with the whole evil identical twin switch storyline with Derek ending up cunning when it comes to tricking people quite creative. Yes of course the movie is going to be all about Ashley trying to prove that Derek has escaped and as such is putting her and her daughter in danger but there is a kind of intelligence to all of this and certainly an air of danger during some of the scenes.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "The Twin" has some issues and is ultimately predictable it does have some creativity about it as well as some atmosphere which makes it a lot more engaging than you might expect.