The Trigger Trio (1937) Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Ralph Byrd, Sandra Corday Movie Review

The Trigger Trio (1937)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trigger Trio (1937)

Mesquiteers on the Hoof

Hoof n mouth disease is causing concern amongst the ranchers and rancher Tom Brent (Cornelius Keefe) plans to do something illegal dodgy when his cattle becomes infected. Brent has his men switch the cattle with those on the Evan ranch, changing their brands in the process. But he doesn't stop there as he then gets Larry Smith (Ralph Byrd), Tuscon's (Ray Corrigan) brother to drive both sets of cattle illegally across the state line. Fortunately Lullaby (Max Terhune) over hears what is going on and tries to stop Larry.

Cue are heroic cowboy riding fast as he gives chase to some men in a car, throw with that some fast paced music and you have one of the many scenes in "The Trigger Trio" which to be blunt did very little for me. And to be honest despite the semi unusual hoof n mouth set up there was very little in this old western which was either interesting or entertaining. Of course I am talking about a 1 hour western which as I write is almost 80 years old but unlike some other early westerns this one seems to struggle for a storyline and instead throws a few set piece scenes and some comical characters to try and entertain.

What this all boils down to is that maybe if you remember watching this as a child "The Trigger Trio" might hold some sort of nostalgic charm. But watched now with an interest in old westerns this offers up very little in the form of entertainment.