The Treasure of San Teresa (1959) starring Eddie Constantine, Dawn Addams, Marius Goring, Christopher Lee, Nadine Tallier, Walter Gotell directed by Alvin Rakoff Movie Review

The Treasure of San Teresa (1959)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Nadine Tallier in The Treasure of San Teresa (1959) (aka: Hot Money Girl)

Not Much of a Treasure

Having served during WWII Larry Brennan (Eddie Constantine) returns to Czechoslovakia once the war is over to seek out a hidden a consignment of jewels stashed there during the war. He ends up joining forces with Hedi von Hartmann (Dawn Addams) but is unsure whether he can trust her or not as is the case of everyone as Larry begins to realise he is being double crossed.

"The Treasure of San Teresa" is the sort of movie which unless you have a real interest in any of its stars will be a struggle to watch thanks to a clunky script, performances and editing. Yet in a way being clunky may have helped because it causes your mind to drift where as when you concentrate on "The Treasure of San Teresa" is when the gaping plot holes appear.

Being clunky and being riddled with plot holes is not its only issue as all the dark mystery as we watch Larry Brennan try to track down the hidden jewels and having to deal with danger and double crosses is all incredibly ordinary. Other than a scene featuring Nadine Tallier as a woman called Zizi being playful in a bath and then walking across a room in a towel which barely covers her there is absolutely nothing memorable about what happens in "The Treasure of San Teresa".

Not memorable is how the acting ends up with Eddie Constantine delivering a solid but uninteresting performance as Larry. Little better is Dawn Addams as Hedi with in truth the sexier Nadine Tallier making a bigger impression as Zizi thanks to the bath towel scene.

What this all boils down to is that "The Treasure of San Teresa" is quite simply a forgettable, clunky and uninspired thriller from 1959. It is basically now one of those movies you would watch only to complete a collection if you follow one of its various stars.