The Texas Kid (1943) Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Marshall Reed, Shirley Patterson Movie Review

The Texas Kid (1943)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Marshall Reed and Shirley Patterson in The Texas Kid (1943)

Nevada has Faith in Texas

Marshals Nevada (Johnny Mack Brown) and Sandy (Raymond Hatton) are for hunt for outlaw Scully (Edmund Cobb) and his gang as they are behind a series of stage coach robberies. Nevada and Sandy both know that the Texas Kid (Marshall Reed) is involved with Scully's gang and whilst Sandy is convinced he is no good Nevada has known him for some while and doesn't believe it. When the Texas Kid meets Nancy Drew (Shirley Patterson) he decides that he doesn't want to be involved with and of Scully's schemes.

"The Texas Kid" is an incredibly simple western where we have a good kid fallen in with the wrong crowd but after meeting a girl wants out. In this case he is fortunate to have an ally in Marshal Nevada as he knows the family and knows that in this case the Texas Kid is really a nice guy. That is really it with Johnny Mack Brown strolling through the movie in the typical role of the knowing, nice guy Marshal who not only stands up to bad guys but helps good guys. I wish there was more I could say but there is nothing in "The Texas Kid" which is out of the ordinary, well other than the love interest in this being called Nancy Drew.

What this all boils down to is that "The Texas Kid" is on a par with the majority of the one hour westerns from the 1940s which means whilst an entertaining distraction when you haven't got time for anything longer it isn't in the least bit memorable.