The Stranger Inside (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Sofia Milos in The Stranger Inside (2016) (aka: Give Me My Baby)

A Dr. Scorned

Layla (Kelly Sullivan) and Nate (Gabriel Hogan) are happily married, both with good careers but there is one thing which is missing, a baby, although with the return of Nate's daughter Allison (Laura Hand) from a previous relationship, having dropped out of college, their home is busy. Still wanting a child they pay a visit to the highly regarded Dr. Hartlin (Sofia Milos) who through IVF is confident that Layla will become pregnant. But as Layla goes through the treatments, including hormone injections, she is a little concerned by how quickly her temper can switch on although a chance encounter with Dr. Hartlin assures her all is okay. It isn't just Layla who Dr. Hartlin runs in to as she shows up at the golf club where Nate is a pro who gives lessons and starts making eyes at him, revealing to him that years ago when she was much younger they knew each other.

"The Stranger Inside", which also goes by the name "Give Me My Baby", is a movie with a lot going on but most of it is in fact filler, there to distract you and place doubts in your mind as to what this movie is all about. But in truth "The Stranger Inside" is not complicated as initially we become aware that Dr. Hartlin is not the good doctor she makes herself out to be and then we discover that many years ago Nate knew her before she basically re-invented herself. What follows is Layla dealing with her life spiralling out of control as she begins to question Nate's fidelity whilst a contract she has with a reality star is put in to jeopardy over texts she is accused of sending all because Dr. Hartlin is a bit wacko.

Unfortunately "The Stranger Inside" doesn't quite come together in the intriguing way it probably planned. In fact this is one of those movies where everything ends up a little over the top from the way Dr. Hartlin flirts to the inclusion of Brooke Hogan as a reality star which Layla is working with. It makes it a movie which is hard to take seriously enough to get drawn in to the drama. Even the appeal of the cast does little to make it a more entertaining movie.

What this all boils down to is that "The Stranger Inside" probably could have been an okay made for TV movie with an entertaining if a little too typical storyline. But it is a movie full of over the top performances which makes it hard work to get into.