The Sinister Surrogate (2018) (aka: The Surrogate) Maeve Quinlan, Jim Meskimen, Kelly Thiebaud, Kit Williamson, Mary Beth Evans, Brooke Newton, Jaclyn Hales, Brian Ames, John J. York Movie Review

The Sinister Surrogate (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Brian Ames and Kelly Thiebaud in The Sinister Surrogate (2018) (aka: The Surrogate)

Mother Mayhem

With their attempts to start a family ending up in failure, Josh (Brian Ames - A Friend's Obsession) and Danielle (Kelly Thiebaud) decide to go down the surrogate route which is how they meet Kailee (Jaclyn Hales) through a specialist organisation run by Caroline (Maeve Quinlan - The Stalker Club). And all seems great as all three of them get on and the surrogacy goes well with Kailee giving birth to their daughter Sophie. But after returning home to start life as a family they receive a visit from Kailee which leaves Danielle unsettled, fearful that Kailee feels attached to their daughter. And it soon becomes clear that Kailee is desperate to be mum to Sophie and will stop at nothing to get her way.

So a couple who can't have child pay someone to do so for them only to find that she is a psycho when she wants to still be involved and appears to be harassing and stalking them when they tell her no. That is how "The Sinister Surrogate" comes across and for the most you get what you would expect, from the deranged and threatening behaviour of the surrogate to the couple trying to take matters in to their own hands. In fact "The Sinister Surrogate" is so routine that you begin to suspect that maybe Kailee is not the problem and maybe that someone else may be involved, the questioning is who?

Whilst there certainly enough to "The Sinister Surrogate" to make you second guess what is going on and who is involved this is a movie which has many shall we say shallow elements. As such you can second guess that a certain character will end up being killed whilst after seeing him with his shirt off once you can bet Brian Ames will appear shirtless in a few other scenes. You can almost laugh at the cliche nature of the detective who ends up taking on the case for Josh and Danielle.

What this all boils down to is that if you are a fan of TV movies you should enjoy "The Sinister Surrogate" and enjoy the element of doubt it creates by seeming to be so simple. But this is a shallow movie which suffers from so much of the movie seeming to be so obvious.