The Seventh Coin (1993) starring Alexandra Powers, Navin Chowdhry, Peter O'Toole, John Rhys-Davies, Ally Walker, Jill Novick, Gilat Ankori, Whitman Mayo directed by Dror Soref Movie Review

The Seventh Coin (1993)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Alexandra Powers and Navin Chowdhry in The Seventh Coin (1993)

Coin Collecting with O'Toole

Retired soldier Emil Saber (Peter O'Toole) has been on the hunt for King Herod's coins and having managed to collect 6 of the 7 is in Jerusalem looking for that illusive last one. But the coins bring out a dark side in him as his need to find the 7th coin becomes a deadly obsession with the police lead by Lisa (Ally Walker) on his trail after one of his victims are discovered. As Emil will go to any lengths to get the final coin he finds himself chasing after Ronnie (Alexandra Powers), an American tourist, and Salim (Navin Chowdhry), a local pickpocket, who end up joining forces when they realise they not only have a valuable coin but also have the psychotic Emil after them.

Now "The Seventh Coin" is certainly entertaining but more because it is a curious movie which seems like it is trying to entertain everyone but only ending up being a mixed bag which doesn't gel. On one hand we have the sinister Emil Saber a villain who wouldn't look out of place in an Indiana Jones movie but then we have Lisa, the local cop who is more of a cute TV cop investigating a local crime on the hush hush. But then we have a teenage summer holiday movie aspect as Ronnie and Salim end up joining forces and getting sweet on each other whilst ending up on the run. The blend doesn't work yet each element is entertaining in a familiar sort of way.

As to what happens, well it is cat n mouse through Jerusalem as we have Lisa chasing after Emil and Emil chasing after are teenage heroes giving us plenty of local scenery which in truth is the best part of the movie. But it has a very mixed up tone and it goes from dark to comical in a blink of an eye and is sort of a movie for teenagers but one which lacks that element of pizzazz to make it really entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "The Seventh Coin" is entertaining but almost as much for being curious and mixed up rather than because it works as a whole.