The Secret Agent Club (1996) Hulk Hogan, Matthew McCurley, Lesley-Anne Down, Maurice Woods Movie Review

The Secret Agent Club (1996)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Hulk Hogan in The Secret Agent Club (1996)

Spy Kid and Friends

Ray Chase (Hulk Hogan) is a toy shop owner by day, but by night he is a secret, top secret agent, so top secret that not even his son Jeremy (Matthew McCurley) knows of his father's alter ego. But when Ray steals a one of weapon from the evil arms dealer Eve (Lesley-Anne Down) keeping things a secret is no longer an option when Eve and her henchmen show up to reclaim the gun but instead capture Ray. Now Jeremy having grabbed the gun and with the aid of his friends must save his father.

I don't know how many movies Hulk Hogan has made, I don't want to know, but the few I have seen have all left me bored senseless and "The Secret Agent Club" doesn't buck the trend. Here we have wrestling icon Hulk Hogan playing a secret agent, you know the sort who go on solo missions, put on disguises and usually escape via water. But here he has an alter ego and we have Hogan playing it as milk bottle glass wearing toy shop owner who puts on being a klutz to hide the fact he is a trained agent. It is excruciating stuff and I really question any child who was a fan of Hogan's in the mid 90s would have enjoyed him acting such a fool.

But in fairness the poor acting of Hogan is not the only thing going on as we have his son and friends doing a bit of Goonies like adventure in order to save his father. I suppose technically this side is more entertaining when you think who the intended audience was but it is as typical as the day is long and adds little to a movie which right from the word go struggles to get you entertained. About the only things which are entertaining in "The Secret Agent Club" are Barry Bostwick playing it cool and Lesley-Anne Down channelling Joan Collins to be evil as Eve.

What this all boils down to is that in many ways "The Secret Agent Club" is stereotypical of the movies Hulk Hogan was making in the mid 90s, which means poor but at times almost entertaining for being poor.