The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016) Movie Review

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Stephen Huszar and Michelle Morgan in The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016)

The Tree That Landis Placed

Every year is the same, Dale Landis (Tim Reid - Chasing Waterfalls) climbs on to the roof of his house and fastens a Christmas tree to it, no one knows the reason why but everyone turns out to watch the quiet neighbour go about his business. And for the last three years Dale has been arrested for his rooftop Christmas tree as it violates building regulations, with him spending Christmas in jail. With Judge Sam Conner (Roger Dunn) not wanting to put Dale in prison for another Christmas he helps Sarah Wright (Michelle Morgan - While You Were Dating), a big city attorney who has moved home after a relationship failed, to open a local practice, to work with cocky prosecutor John Keaton (Stephen Huszar - Magical Christmas Ornaments) to get to the bottom of the rooftop Christmas tree.

Roll up, roll up two for the price of one... No I am not practicing my market trader speak but I am on about "The Rooftop Christmas Tree" as we basically get two storylines to entertain us with. So on one hand, and the most obvious, is Sarah returning to her hometown from a high profile career in the city after her relationship came to an end. As such we get a bit of career soul searching but we also get some, wait for it, romance when she meets John Keaton and initially doesn't like him but gets to see another side to all the bravado. It is extremely typical stuff but it is the stuff which I and many watch movies such as "The Rooftop Christmas Tree" for.

And then there is the other side to "The Rooftop Christmas Tree", the whole mystery surrounding Dale Landis and not just why he puts a Christmas tree on his rooftop but why he has become almost a recluse, barely saying a word or being seen through out the year by his neighbours. And I hate to disappoint you but I am not going to tell you why, you may be able to guess, but I will let you watch to find out. What I will say is that there is a lot of wholesomeness to this movie and a real touching side which gives you a wonderful feeling of Christmas warmth.

What this all boils down to is that "The Rooftop Christmas Tree" is a Christmas charmer, a predictable but sweet Christmas movie which gives you a pleasant, fun mix of cute romance and mystery.

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