The Right Girl (2015) Anna Hutchison, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Gail O'Grady, Costas Mandylor Movie Review

The Right Girl (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Anna Hutchison in The Right Girl (2015)

One Broke Girl

After her father died Kimberly (Anna Hutchison - Firehouse Christmas) inherited a fortune and turned ito a spoilt rich girl with a bad attitude. But then in the most embarrassing of ways she discovers that the money has gone and she has nothing, no car, no money and none of her rich friends are going to support her. It is how she finds herself in a whole new world as she drives a loaner and goes to work in a sporting good's store. It is also how she meets Michael (Jonathan Patrick Moore - Correcting Christmas), the owner of the store as well as a single dad, whose down to Earth ways is a good influence on Kimberley. One thing leads to another and not before long Kimberley and Michael start dating as she starts enjoying being a down to Earth working girl. That is when she receives the news that she is still wealthy and finds herself challenged by her old life and her new one.

Let me start with what are the most memorable things about "The Right Girl", one of those is seeing Anna Hutchison in leggings and heels as well as a baseball top and cap with her flowing blonde hair hanging below. Yes it is incredibly shallow of me to say but she looked hot and the scene in which she looks this hot has been created to highlight exactly how hot she looks, so it works. The other thing which is memorable is Costas Mandylor turning up the dial on the Italian accent as a pizza shop owner, which is intentionally over the top and in truth a little comical.

Aside from those two things "The Right Girl" is frankly a text book romantic tale where not only do we have some romance but also a spoilt rich girl seeing things from the other side as she realises how bad she was when she was a spoilt rich girl. There are some extra bits to this as Kimberly's mother gets friendly with Chester, Costas Mandylor's pizza guy, but you know how the central storyline will play out and it does little to disguise how it will play out right down to the inevitable twist ending.

What this all boils down to is that "The Right Girl" is definitely a TV movie for die hard fans of these easy going movies as it doesn't offer up anything different. But whilst it is completely predictable it works as it gets the easy going, fun tone spot on.