The Relentless Four (1965) Adam West, Claudio Undari, Dina Loy, Luis Induni Movie Review

The Relentless Four (1965)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Adam West in The Relentless Four (1965)

Holy Stetson Batman

Lone range Sam Garrett (Adam West) is after two brothers who are on the run, not to bring them in but to give them the news they have been declared innocent. But before he an do so one of them is shot by a quartet of rough bounty hunters who despite learning from Garrett that there no longer is any rewards still head to town to try and claim it, something which Garrett prevents them from doing and in doing so making enemies of them. And it doesn't take long for them to exact their revenge as they set up Garrett for the murder of a local cattle baron who Garrett had been playing cards with. Now with everyone thinking he is guilty Garrett must set about proving his innocence.

Having just looked at my review database I can tell you that I have reviewed over 500 westerns. Now I don't need that database to tell you the next two things; firstly that this is the first western I have watched starring Adam West and secondly this is by no means the first western I have watched which sees a lawman set up for murder in an act of revenge. What it means is that whilst "The Relentless Four" is entertaining, partly because of Batman, I mean Adam West, being in the lead role it is also just another familiar spaghetti western which harks back to the 1930s when it comes to the storyline.

But as I said "The Relentless Four" is entertaining and it is a case that within this movie are some entertaining ideas. The scene where the bounty hunters set up Garrett for murder is a slickly done piece right down to the smallest of details such as the way the cattle baron's body jerks when they shoot him on the floor. And then there is the amusement of the baron's wife having previously entered the saloon to take him home, having her men pick him up in his chair along with the table and Garrett so they can continue playing cards all the way home on a back of a wagon.

But for everything which is good about "The Relentless Four" there is as much which doesn't work such as some over the top acting from the supporting cast including a hilarious death scene where one guy who is shot staggers around for several seconds till he topples over in dramatic style. Plus of course we are talking a spaghetti western here so whilst you get a good soundtrack you also get the obvious case of poor dubbing.

What this all boils down to is that "The Relentless Four" certainly has its plus points and when it gets creative it is kind of entertaining. Although unfortunately when there is a fight scene featuring Adam West you can't but help think Batman.