The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981) starring Robert Duvall, Treat Williams, Kathryn Harrold, Ed Flanders directed by Roger Spottiswoode, Buzz Kulik Movie Review

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Treat Williams in The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981)

Cooper's Instant Treat

Who is the D.B. Cooper mentioned in the title of "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper"? Well it seems that is a question which even the FBI don't know as D.B. Cooper was the name given to an audacious air pirate who in 1971 hijacked a plane, collected the ransom and then having parachuted out vanished and as of writing is one of those unsolved mysteries. Now I wasn't even born back in 1971 and had never even heard of D.B. Cooper or this audacious hijacking but trust me if like me you are unaware of what happened you will soon become fascinated by what Cooper did and whether or not he got away with it when you watch "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper".

Now "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper" is purely speculative as it picks up the story with Cooper parachuting out of the plane and landing in the forest where he had already stashed items such as a jeep to get away in. Meanwhile we have insurance agent Gruen whose company stumped up the ransom money trying to crack the case in the immediate hours after the incident. Now the fact we don't get a recreation of the hijacking is a disappointment as when you read up on what he did it is absolutely fascinating.

Robert Duvall in The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981)

But here is the thing about "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper" is that it has a sort of comedic tone to it as we have Cooper making his way out of the area masquerading as a hunter, switching vehicles which he has stashed, hiding the ransom in the belly of a deer which he killed to avoid being caught when the police search his jeep. It is amusing especially when combined with what I would call a Hill Billy Soundtrack and Treat Williams who gives Cooper an element of Robert Redford style easy going comedy and charm.

The thing is that this review of "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper" comes more than 30 years after the movie and 40 years after Cooper's disappearance and from someone who knew nothing about Cooper and the hijacking prior to coming across this movie. But I guess for those who remember the hijacking and Cooper's disappearance might be less entertained and find the comedic, light treatment of the mystery not what they wanted. And sadly those who watch because it stars Robert Duvall and Treat Williams are probably going to be left disappointed as they fail to really bring life to their characters,

What this all boils down to is that "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper" is entertaining for those who now come across the movie by accident but for those interested and obsessed by the disappearance of D.B. Cooper may find the light hearted treatment not what they wanted.