The Point Men (2001) starring Christopher Lambert, Kerry Fox, Vincent Regan, Cal Macaninch, Nicolas de Pruyssenaere, Donald Sumpter, Maryam d'Abo directed by John Glen Movie Review

The Point Men (2001)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Christopher Lambert in The Point Men (2001)


Those who know their James Bond will probably recognize the name John Glen as he directed 5 of the movies as well as working as editor on one of the earlier movies. He also directed this movie "The Point Men" which stars Christopher Lambert and you can see elements of James Bond when it comes to the action and look, it even features one time Bond girl Maryam d'Abo. But "The Point Men" isn't a James Bond movie, it doesn't have the script or the budget and whilst there are recognizable faces they are not great actors which means it ends up a disappointing action movie with nothing remarkable about it.

After their mission to capture a Palestinian terrorist goes wrong, a team of experts are ordered to disband and go their own ways. But when they start being murdered it leads Tony Eckhardt (Christopher Lambert - Gunmen) to go on a mission to track down the terrorist before he comes after him.

Kerry Fox in The Point Men (2001)

"The Point Men" has one of the most basic storylines you can come across as we have a terrorist who was nearly killed going on a vendetta against the crack team who were sent to kill him. That is it and it plays out in a very rudimentary way as one by one the terrorist, who of course has plastic surgery to change his looks, goes after the team and kills them. It tries to make it a bit more elaborate with a relationship between Tony and team member Maddy to muddy the emotional waters but it never does.

But in truth "The Point Men" is never a movie about intrigue or suspense but just a series of action scenes from an opening car chase to various scenes of murder. Now in fairness you can see elements of Bond about these scenes thanks to director John Glen; the car chase scene has the various camera angles and edits he used in his Bond movies whilst when it comes to the various women in the movie they have a certain attractiveness. But the action lacks flare and it comes down to the fact that "The Point Men" is a low budget movie, the sort which wouldn't have been out of place as either a Seagal or Van Damme movie and possibly better if it had been.

That brings me to the casting and there are various recognizable faces in "The Point Men" such as British actress Kerry Fox, former Bond girl Maryam d'Abo as well as Vincent Regan as bad guy Amar Kamil. But the star of "The Point Men" is Christopher Lambert who whilst I like is wrong for this sort of movie. He is wrong because he plays Tony Eckhardt as too much of a nice guy, too smiley which makes him unconvincing when it comes to being part of an elite anti-terrorist team.

What this all boils down to is that "The Point Men" is a simple action movie which is simply poor. There is nothing better than average about it and is often less than average but for fans of Bond they will recognize director John Glen's style all over it.