The Perfect Wife (2001) Perry King, Shannon Sturges, Lesley-Anne Down, William R. Moses, Michele Greene Movie Review

The Perfect Wife (2001)   3/53/53/53/53/5

The Perfect Wife (2001)

Not So Perfect

Leah (Shannon Sturges) had always been extremely close to her brother and when he dies in a traffic accident, knocked off his bike by a drunk motorist, it leaves her deeply traumatized and hell bent on revenge. To start with she manages to sneak in to the room of the driver and switch off their life support machine before turning her attention to Dr. Robert Steward (Perry King) who arrived on the crash scene and whilst having told her brother to lay still whilst he attended to the driver was unable to save him as he then stood up and collapsed. Leah's plans sees her seduce and marry Ruben, eliminate any one in his life who may suspect she is up to no good and then destroy his career and his life, making him suffer for not saving her brother.

Looking through my reviews of other made for TV thrillers which start with the words "The Perfect" most of them tend to be about and obsessed woman getting her claws in to the guy she fancies and killing anyone who begins to suspect her of being behind some strange goings on and deaths. As such "The Perfect Wife" is a bit different to what you might be expecting as this isn't obsession due to delusional love but obsession due to a delusional desire for revenge. But in being so it does mean that "The Perfect Wife" ends up still a pretty typical manipulative psycho capable of murder in their need for revenge.

What does that all mean? Well half of "The Perfect Wife" is all about watching Leah turning killer and eliminating those who will spoil her plans and sadly clubbing some one over the head with a tyre iron is not the most creative of ways to do so. And unfortunately watching Leah slowly kill Robert's career by doctoring patient's medical records is not that surprising either. So basically there is little in the way of storyline creativity in "The Perfect Wife" although there are some interesting extra characters thrown in to the mix with Robert's ex wife still on the scene whilst his brother is a doctor who he works with and who has had some problems recently with self medicating.

What this all boils down to is that "The Perfect Wife" is one of those made for TV thrillers which whilst not bad is ultimately ordinary with a routine psycho hell bent on revenge storyline. Even the twists are not that surprising and as such it ends up one of those movies which doesn't fully command your attention as you know it won't surprise you much.