The Perfect Stranger (2005)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Pamela Brumley in The Perfect Stranger (2005)

Too Perfect to be Perfect

With her daughter going to a sleepover, attorney, Nikki (Pamela Brumley) hoped to spend a romantic evening with her husband with a meal at a fancy restaurant. Unfortunately her husband says he has other plans and is off to the ball game. So when at work Nikki finds an invitation to go for a meal at the restaurant with Jesus she thinks it must be her husband who is making a joke as they had argued about their Christian neighbours earlier. Except when Nikki goes to the restaurant she finds herself confronted by a stranger who says he is Jesus and convinces her to stay for a meal. Well as they eat they talk and Jesus answers her questions, discusses other religions, the existence of Hell, free will and why some passages in the bible seem to contradict each other Nikki begins to believe.

I wasn't sure about "The Perfect Stranger" especially when we are introduced to the character of Jesus with his perfect blonde hair, smart suit and so on, I felt this could be a really cringe worthy movie. But "The Perfect Stranger" is a very clever movie yet a simple one at the same time because through this set up of Nikki having a meal with Jesus we get lots of questions answered, the sort of questions that everyone from new Christians through to some non believers may have. For example at one point Nikki brings up how some passages in the gospels contradict each other and Jesus responds with don't you sometimes leave things out you don't feel were relevant at the time.

There are a lot more of these moments and "The Perfect Stranger" is a great tool for those who are seeking answers but not just biblical passages but examples transferred into real examples such as a parents love for their child that they would take a punishment to protect them. And so it goes on and it is good but for me that set up of a fine meal, the perfect looking Jesus with the suit and hair is too manufactured. For me this movie would work better as average people in a diner rather than well dressed people going to a fancy restaurant.

What this all boils down to is that "The Perfect Stranger" is a clever way of explaining things from a Christian perspective. It has some major flaws especially the perfect ness of it all but the pros out weigh the cons.