The Perfect Christmas Present (2017) Tara Holt, Sam Page, Ta'Rhonda Jones, Emily Peterson, Phillip Edward Van Lear, Stacia Crawford Movie Review

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Tara Holt and Sam Page in The Perfect Christmas Present (2017)

Getting to Know You at Christmas

Tom (Sam Page - Royal New Year's Eve) has a rather unique gift as he has the knack of picking the perfect Christmas presents, which has lead to him being known as "Mr. Christmas", a professional Secret Santa. It is why out of the blue his old college friend, Paul (Sam Guinan-Nyhart), shows up at his door as he needs to buy a gift for his girlfriend, Jenny (Tara Holt), as not only is she the best girlfriend he has ever had, and he doesn't think he could do better, but things have become a little tense between them. It means that Tom needs to get to know Jenny via looking at her online presence but also by getting to know her. That is when complications arise!

How are they going to get around the obvious? That was the question which played on my mind once the set up to "The Perfect Christmas Present" was in place because to put it simply we have the charming Tom falling for his client's girlfriend and whilst the client is a bit of a jerk the whole stealing a girlfriend does not sound like an idea for a Hallmark Christmas movie. I won't tell you how that part plays out although I am sure you can guess that when Jenny learns about what Tom does it causes complications. But I will say that "The Perfect Christmas Present" is a charming movie with a lot of that coming from Sam Page being handsome and charming whilst Tara Holt is cute and fun loving making this a couple of sorts who work well together, they simply look right.

But "The Perfect Christmas Present" has some thing extra to all the usual things you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie, such as beautiful people surrounded by beautiful decorations and of course snow falling outside and so on. What "The Perfect Christmas Present" has is that bit of soul which comes from when you care about someone so much the buying a present becomes more than just getting a thing but getting some thing which is meaningful, which says you understand them as a person. It is this side which lifts "The Perfect Christmas Present" into the realms of being not just another Hallmark Christmas movie but one which has the potential to become part of your annual Christmas viewing, which delivers something which resonates deep down inside with your soul.

What this all boils down to is that "The Perfect Christmas Present" is exactly what I love about Hallmark Christmas movies as you have the fun, the romance, the beautiful decorations but that bit of soul which makes you think about things just a little bit more deeply.

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