The Nutcracker Sweet (2015) Alicia Silverstone, Edward Asner, Drake Bell, Karen Strassman, Rick Zieff, Grant George Movie Review

The Nutcracker Sweet (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

The Nutcracker Sweet (2015)

Another Nutcracker for the Collection

It's Christmas Eve, a night of excitement and wonderment for the Silberhaus children. Presented with a magical Nutcracker from their loving godfather, Marie and Fritz are destined for a night they will never forget. Whilst the rest of the household is asleep, Marie finds herself in the middle of a great battle between an army of toy soldiers and a formidable gang of mice commanded by the evil Mouse King! Who will win the great battle?

Having endured "The Nutcracker Sweet" let me start this review by stating that this movie was not made with me in mind. The question is, who was the intended audience? Well let me suggest that this is a movie for young children, those who like animations but haven't got to the age where visuals which are not up to Disney's high standards will bother them. I say that because whilst the animation work when it comes to the battle between the mice and toy soldiers is actually pretty decent, even ambitious in some places, it doesn't have the attention to detail to make it really impress.

And when it comes to the storyline I have to say again this is probably going to entertain a younger audience more than it will grown ups. The main reason for this is that this doesn't enchant you like some versions do and as such I have to say that as a grown up this didn't really keep me entertained.

What this all boils down to is that "The Nutcracker Sweet" is a children's movie and only a children's movie as they are probably going to find the animations entertaining. But whilst the animations are not terrible the whole thing lacks the enchanting feel that the story deserves.

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