The Nevada Buckaroo (1931) Bob Steele, Dorothy Dix, Ed Brady, George 'Gabby' Hayes Movie Review

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Bob Steele in The Nevada Buckaroo (1931)

The Good Bad Guy

The Nevada Kid (Bob Steele) finds himself in trouble when he is caught taking part in a stage robbery. Fortunately the leader of the gang, Cherokee Williams (George 'Gabby' Hayes) petitions the Governor and gets the Kid released. Having been given a second chance the Kid decides to go straight and becomes a guard to the stage service which he once robbed. Unfortunately the stage he is guarding gets robbed and Cherokee ends up getting blamed for it despite being innocent. It causes the Kid to try and help Cherokee escape from prison which of course puts him back in trouble.

Ooh Bob Steele playing a bad guy, well you know that won't stick and so we get to see Bob as The Nevada Kid, looking surprisingly youthful as well, converting from being a bad guy to a good guy. Of course it is an unwritten rule that an actor known for playing good guys can be cast as a bad guy as long as they turn good. It is just as much of an unwritten rule that when you have had a bad guy reform something has to happen which brings them back in to the way of some trouble which is what you have here when a bad guy friend is arrested for a crime they didn't commit.

The thing is that look beyond the two obvious elements and "The Nevada Buckaroo" doesn't have a great deal to offer especially with it being a western from 1931 it features plenty of the stilted sort of acting which was rife during the first few years of the 1930s. I suppose the most entertaining thing would be seeing George 'Gabby' Hayes playing it as a bad guy but he is one of the nicer bad guys you will come across.

What this all boils down to is that "The Nevada Buckaroo" might entertain those who enjoy the westerns of Bob Steele but for anyone else this is just another early and forgettable western.