The Nanny Express (2008) Vanessa Marcil, Brennan Elliott, Stacy Keach, Natalie Dreyfuss, Dean Stockwell Movie Review

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Vanessa Marcil in The Nanny Express (2008)

Another New Nanny

Kate Hewitt (Vanessa Marcil) finds herself out of a job and in need of work which is how she ends up going to work for widowed father of two David Chandler (Brennan Elliott) who needs a nanny for teenager Emily (Natalie Dreyfuss) and her younger brother Ben (Uriah Shelton). The trouble is that the two of them have a knack of working together to get rid of who ever her father employs as their nanny. But Kate having lost her mum when she was young and now with a sick dad knows that David's children are just acting up because they don't have a mum and sticks with it. When Kate and David inevitably become close it causes young Emily to act up even more as no one can replace her mum.

Name a movie about a new nanny taming some unruly children and falling for their widowed father? Chances are you will say "The Sound of Music" as it is the best known movie which uses this storyline but it is certainly not the only one as there have been quite a few made for TV movies which also use it. In fact I have started to wonder if at the start of each year the network bosses look down their list of story themes and decide how many of each theme they plan to make each year. That would be one explanation for "The Nanny Express" because 90% of this movie is stereotypical as we have Kate falling for a widow but having issues with his daughter who doesn't want her mum replaced.

I won't go in to any more detail about the typical side of "The Nanny Express" other than to say that Vanessa Marcil is likeable which as always is a big positive for this sort of familiar movie. So the differences you find in this movie are also quite simple as we have Kate caring for her sick father who typically wants his daughter to meet someone, settle down and be happy. On top of that we have Kate helping out tutor children at a local church, itself not that unusual but a nice addition for the intended audience who watch this sort of TV movie because of their uncomplicated wholesome nature. That is probably the most important point as anyone who watches "The Nanny Express" with expectations of this being up there with a big screen movie are likely to end up becoming disappointed by it.

What this all boils down to is that "The Nanny Express" is just a typical made for TV movie which delivers the nanny and widow romance storyline, the one where the teen daughter doesn't want her mum replaced and causes problems. But if all you want is some uncomplicated daytime entertainment it is likely to entertain.