The Nanny Betrayal (2018) (aka: Devious Nanny) Michelle Borth, Antonio Cupo, Olesya Rulin, Michael Roark, Skyler Wright, Kalilah Harris, Erika Ringor, Andrew Pagana Movie Review

The Nanny Betrayal (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Olesya Rulin in The Nanny Betrayal (2018) (aka: Devious Nanny)

Another Nanny Movie

Elise (Michelle Borth - Silent Warnings) and her husband Brian (Antonio Cupo - Daughter for Sale) both lead busy lives and have good jobs which is why they decide to hire an au pair. It is how they come to hire Amber (Olesya Rulin) who quickly makes herself at home in their beautiful house, looking after their son, doing the cleaning and .... ending up flirting with Brian even though he initially resists her smiles. But things start to go wrong when firstly the gallery Elise runs is vandalized then Brian is passed over for a major job opportunity. Trying to make sense of what is going wrong Elise and Brian then have to deal with their friends turning up dead which causes Elise to suspect Amber of being involved and being shocked by what she discovers.

When it comes to "The Nanny Betrayal", which is also known as "Devious Nanny", I am not going to nanny you, you will watch this made for TV movie and think, here we go again with an unhinged nanny, flirting with a husband and getting up to all sorts of bad things when things don't go her way. And if you were only to watch the first 60 minutes of this made for TV movie you would think that was it. Or maybe you wouldn't because whilst it is in the final third of "The Nanny Betrayal" that things get a bit shaken up there are some clues dropped during the first 60 minutes which suggest maybe this isn't just another one of those routine bad nanny movies.

Michelle Borth in The Nanny Betrayal (2018) (aka: Devious Nanny)

But here is the thing about "The Nanny Betrayal", most of the cast struggle to play their characters and deliver their lines in anything close to a believable manner. It sadly makes this one of those made for TV movies with potential which is missed because some of the actors force their way through their scenes with over the top acting which gets to the point of being painful.

What this all boils down to is that if you can endure bad acting then "The Nanny Betrayal" is worth a watch as it adds something to the expected nanny storyline which keeps you on your toes. But if bad acting puts you off then give this nanny movie a miss.