The Marksman (2005) starring Wesley Snipes, William Hope, Emma Samms, Anthony Warren, Peter Youngblood Hills, Ryan McCluskey, Warren Derosa directed by Marcus Adams Movie Review

The Marksman (2005)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Wesley Snipes in The Marksman (2005)

Way Off the Mark

When you watch as many movies as I do it is not unusual to find yourself battling the urge to quit on one because of it being so bad but so far I have only done that twice. Within the first 5 minutes of "The Marksman" starting the urge to quit on it was strong and it almost became the third movie of a very select bunch. The thing is I had been warned, I had been told that this movie even by direct to video standards was poor but I had to see for myself because how can you get an action movie with Wesley Snipes wrong, well evidently you can. Other than the fact we have Snipes and a small role for Emma Samms who some may remember from her days in Dynasty there is nothing good about "The Marksman".

When a group of Chechen rebels take control of a Nuclear reactor and hold hostages inside the US military send Painter (Wesley Snipes - Unstoppable) and his team in to save the day.

The first 5 minutes of "The Marksman" set the expectations low for what is to come as we are thrown head first into some uninteresting action scenes which due to a lack of style come across as just noise. And that is what you get throughout the movie, uninspired action scenes which fail to grab your attention due to the fact that not only are they without style but also excitement. But then to be honest you can say the same for the extremely slim storyline as that is as uninteresting and uninspired as the action. And that means when you have uninteresting storyline with uninteresting action "The Marksman" isn't even entertaining at the most basic of levels.

Then there is the acting and to be honest Wesley Snipes brings none of his usual charm to the role of Painter and spends the entire movie looking pissed because he signed a contract to make this movie. And as for Emma Samms, well in a mainly male movie she adds a touch of beauty but her character like so many is uninteresting.

What this all boils down to is that "The Marksman" is the turkey everyone says it is. The storyline is uninteresting, the action is dull and Snipes looks like he wants to be somewhere else and so my advice is that unless you are sadist give this a miss.