The Makeover (2013) Julia Stiles, David Walton, Camryn Manheim, Georgia Lyman, Frances Fisher, Nada Despotovic Movie Review

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Julia Stiles in The Makeover (2013)

Hallmark does Pygmalion

Hannah Higgins (Julia Stiles - Silver Linings Playbook) is well educated, smart and exceptionally driven, especially when it comes to running for Congress, something she loses because compared to the weatherman, who is her opposition, she is unlikeable due to her demanding nature. Beer delivery guy Elliot Doolittle (David Walton), having had a run in with Hannah over the way he talks, seeks her help when he wants to go for a promotion and wants to lose his thick South Boston accent. But it is then that Hannah has an idea as on observing Elliott and how he has a way with people she decides if she could give him a makeover he would be the perfect candidate to run for Congress. As Hannah spends time with Elliott she realises behind the beard, shaggy hair and accent is an intelligent, handsome guy whilst she also learns to soften her demanding way.

We have a Doolittle, a Higgins and quite obviously a gender switch version of Pygmalion with Higgins being a well spoken woman who is a language consultant and Doolittle being a Boston guy who delivers beer. But what "The Makeover" happens to also be is a Hallmark movie and as such whilst we have the switch up on Pygmalion this made for TV movie is more about two people who are the proverbial definition of chalk n cheese ending up falling for each other. And to be honest whilst "The Makeover" ends up mostly lightweight it is fun with nice performances from Julia Stiles and David Walton, although Frances Fisher appearing as Elliott's trashy mum is priceless.

David Walton in The Makeover (2013)

But whilst "The Makeover" is for the most some typical lightweight Hallmark fun this is a movie which beneath that easy to watch layer has some heart and soul. Yes it uses stereotypes to have some fun with but it also highlights how these stereotypes are struggling to make ends meet and rely on family and friends to survive. We also have a look at education and the needs of those with learning difficulties and the opportunities there are with different educational tools to teach them. As such there are some scenes in "The Makeover" which genuinely make you pay attention to what is being said.

What this all boils down to is that "The Makeover" whilst being a typical Hallmark movie, in that it is light weight romantic fun, definitely puts a smile on your face not just because of that lightweight romantic fun but because there is a little bit of depth to some of it.